Teacup french bulldog puppies for sale in california

We are a proud breeders of teacup French bulldog puppies for sale in California, supplying quality French bulldog puppies through out the United States. Teacup French bulldog puppies for sale in California the Best French Bulldog breeders near you. Luxurious French Bulldogs sale is a reputable, USDA licensed breeder of quality, healthy and loving pets around. We’re helping families find the next best family member at an affordable price!
All puppies are lovingly raised with their mother and father until ready for their new home.

If you are looking for healthy teacup French bulldog puppies for sale, we can help. We are a reputable breeder of designer Frenchie puppies in Los Angeles and we live to care for our litters.
We have created a site just for those people who want to find the perfect toy pet to love and spoil! All of our French Bulldog puppies meet the highest standards in the industry when it comes to health testing before they are bred and again when they are 9 months old.Offering you a complete satisfaction guarantee, with all that we do.

What is a Mini French Bulldog, you ask?

One of the most beloved small dog breeds is the French Bulldog, also known as the Frenchie. This purebred AKC-breed is extremely popular. A growing number of French Bulldog lovers are attracted to the Mini French Bulldog, which is a smaller version of the French Bulldog.

Mini (or micro or teacup) French Bulldogs are not officially recognized. There are ways that standard Frenchies can be bred to smaller sizes.

The French Bulldog does not belong to the toy dog category. It is one of the smallest non-sporting dogs. French Bulldogs were small English Bulldogs that were brought to France in 1800s. This is what gave rise to the modern Frenchie. Experts believe that the Frenchie also inherited Pug and Terrier lines.

teacup french bulldog puppies for sale in california

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