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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday:10 weeks old

Health Guarantee

Frenchies for sale

  • No puppy Mills
  • AKC Registered
  • Vaccinated
  • Deworm
  • AKC Registered, 1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee, Shots Up To Date With Complete Health Papers



French bulldogs puppies for sale/Frenchies for sale

The french bulldogs puppies for sale is a descendant of the robust and athletic fighting dogs popular in England in the 1600’s and 1700’s. Over the centuries, the dogs were bred for different traits, and various breeds emerged. The French bulldog was bred to be smaller, livelier, and gentle. They became popular with the working class, including British lace makers.

french bulldogs puppies for sale is a website focused on selling french bulldogs. We specialize in selling frenchies and other puppies. We produce high quality content about the breed of dogs to help educate our target market !

When British lace makers migrated to France during the Industrial Revolution, the French become enchanted with their unusual pets. The popularity of French Bulldogs grew among shopkeepers, and the pups were often featured in advertisements of the era. Upper-class Frenchmen also began coveting the little dogs, while the British remained indifferent to their appeal.

As a result, the French adopted this smaller bulldog as one of their own. The French formalized breed standards to include a compact body and straight legs, without the extreme under-jaw of the English breed. Ears could be either be erect “bat ears’ and floppy “rose” ears.

Wealthy Americans visiting Paris also fell in love with the breed, and soon “Frenchies” started showing up at Westminster in 1896 (two years before the AKC recognized the breed in 1898 as a Non-Sporting breed.)

Like many European breeds, Frenchies fell sharply in popularity during the World Wars. At one point, there were less than 1,000 in America. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that the breed rebounded. Dedicated dog owners began successfully promoting their attributes, and today the breed enjoys widespread popularity Frenchies for sale

Description: She is such a beautiful blue Frenchie. Her coloring is so stunning! I truly would keep her if I could. Her personality matches her beauty. She is so sweet and loving. Just the perfect

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French bulldogs puppies for sale

Michel’s Profile

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday:10 weeks old

Health Guarantee

Frenchies for sale

  • No puppy Mills
  • AKC Registered
  • Vaccinated
  • Deworm
  • AKC Registered, 1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee, Shots Up To Date With Complete Health Papers

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  1. William Martin

    Vary friendly and play full luxurious french bulldog puppy.

  2. William Martin

    Thank you for the quick response! I couldn’t be more satisfied with your on-time and quality work! I will certainly recommend your dog breeding to all my friends!

  3. William Martin

    vary nice luxurious french bulldog puppy.

  4. William Martin

    You are the dog breeding company that I trust. You always do things correctly and quickly. You are friendly, professional, and punctual. Your prices are great. Thank you for everything!

  5. Michael

    Very helpful and polite staff. Very clean shop, affordable prices, and the cutest Luxury French BullDogs I’ve ever seen!

  6. Michael

    very good quality Luxury French Bulldogs puppy.this is a play full.

  7. William

    It was wonderful to work with you to get our new puppy.

  8. William

    They were very fast to respond and patient with any questions we had. They had no problem sending us additional videos or pictures. We love our new puppy and he is so friendly and smart. Highly recommend.

  9. Matthew

    This Pet land is absolutely AMAZING!!!! Dominique went above and beyond to help us find the perfect dog. Everything was easy, from picking and playing with our new puppy, to filling out paperwork, approval, and we even got EVERYTHING we needed to bring her home. We will be back for future pet needs, as well as recommend family and friends. THANK YOU A MILLION DOMINIQUE!!! 💜 💜

  10. Dantonio

    This Petland is the best. I got the cutest puppy and they helped me get all the supplies that I need. They also included a welcome package with the puppy including the crate, food, and more! I highly recommend this place!! All the staff are very friendly and nice too 😊

  11. Michael

    This place is amazing! Theres so many puppies to play with, i recommend Alex, he has been really helpful throughout this experience !!

  12. Antonio

    My family and I loved our experience with Petland of Dallas. Dominique was absolutely amazing with us and was extremely friendly. It was a place I felt comfortable and the puppies were in a clean and safe environment. Our needs were taken care of. I recommend everyone that is looking for an animal to give them a chance. You may pay a little more but to get the chance for my kids to sit down and play with the puppy before we made our decision was incredible. Thank you and you have earned my business.

  13. Michael Clune

    Came here for moms birthday surprise and I ended up with taking 2 dogs to Atlanta, GA. GREAT SERVICE. Mayra was a great helper and very informative, price and deal were excellent. Overall they’re great staff, very friendly. Just be aware if you go there… prepare to buy a dog, they’re so ADORABLE!!

  14. Ronald

    I had the most amazing experience at Petland Dallas recently. I came in to look around, and Chris was so helpful! He was very attentive and talked me through all of my options as far as financing goes. He helped me find my adorable new friend, Lincoln. I’ve always wanted a golden and I’m so glad I came to petland to find him! Thanks again Chris for the great customer service!

  15. Rakestraw

    My family and I absolutely loved coming here! We had the opportunity to work with one of the managers, Dominique and she provided top notch service. She went above and beyond to help us understand the process, as well as how to adjust to having a fur baby. She was great at following up and making sure we never had any unanswered questions. I would absolutely recommend coming here as well as working with her.vary good french bulldogs puppy.

  16. Martin

    My daughter and I call Petland and spoke to a representative name Jessica. Her customer service was superb , which made us want to visit. We were met by Hugo! who was patient and efficient. Hugo was very knowledgeable. He pursued the financing and we left with a beautiful FRENCHIE!!!! Great Job Hugo!!!

  17. Smith

    Chris left side was awesome he took good care of us he helped us get set with my kids new bunny’s. He was very knowledgeable and was able to us and answered all our questions i highly recommended him to help you with your pets needs. He is very friendly and helpful luxurious french bulldogs puppy

  18. Timothy

    I love this place! Everything is adorable, and luxurious french bulldog is the lady to talk to if you need information! She was very kind and super friendly! I’ll definitely go to her whenever I think I’m ready for a new pet!

  19. Johnson

    Good work please and vary nice luxurious french bulldog Pet puppy.

  20. Robert

    I had a wonderful experience with Maura and Hugo today at Petland luxurious french bulldog.

  21. McDaniel

    Our experience was amazing at luxurious french bulldog . Even with social distancing going on, ED did his utmost best to help us find the right puppy, and answering ALL of our questions. Thanks to all of Ed’s help, we’re walking away with a new family member. I’d definitely recommend coming to this location.

  22. Ismael Calhoun

    I was super excited to get my corgi and a nice young man, Ed, made the process really easy for me. He was very helpful and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend when you go to see him for help.luxurious french bulldog puppy !!

  23. Carl Petties

    We went in looking for an amazing luxurious french bulldog puppy and we got one!! Chris definitely helped us , was awesome and we are grateful we got this adorable puppy!

  24. Jason M. Rivers

    From the moment I walked in Ed began to help and educate me on the dogs. He made it easy to navigate through the store and find what I need. I recommend when you go to speak to Ed, he is really educated and will help you find what you need.

  25. Angel McCann

    I loved coming here to play with the puppies! The place was clean and the employees were super welcoming and sweet to me, especially Ed!

  26. Richard

    excellent service and our helper luxurious french bulldog puppy had useful information to help us with our first dog! Definitely coming here again.

  27. Morrison

    luxurious french bulldog was amazing and helps us choose the perfect dog we couldn’t have done it without her help!

  28. James

    I have luxuriousfrenchbulldogsonline.com 2 dogs from here and have had a family member and a friend each get a dog here as well. Cant say how AWESOME and amazing the staff is here. You can tell they care about each animal and will take care of you each time you step through the door!

  29. Bruton

    The staff was incredibly helpful! Very considerate and truly love their puppies! Great place luxuriousfrenchbulldogsonline.com to purchase a dog. Specifically Chris and Kat went above and beyond to make sure we got everything we needed and had a great experience.

  30. Villarreal

    Excellent customer service. Very attentive and friendly in a very familiar environment. They helped us in everything we needed for our new family member.

  31. Richardson

    I had a great experience here! Chris was the guy helping us out and he was great with my luxurious french bulldog puppy. They loved him and we got an awesome new addition to our family!

  32. Christopher

    They offer excellent customer service. I bought my puppy there and is so i’m happy.

  33. Ridgeway

    I love pet french bulldog puppy ! They helped us out so much with finding the perfect puppy! Also the staff was so helpful! I love Dominique and Barlow! They are so helpful!!!🙏🏽

  34. David Foster

    I went to this store to find my next addition to the family and luxurious french bulldog was the representative that help me out thorough out the process. She was extremely professional, caring an knowledgeable!!! I appreciate the service I received!

  35. Daniel Marsh

    Dominique and the rest of the staff here were so helpful the entire process of finding the best puppy for me as well as how to be the most prepared for raising him, what to expect the first 24 hours/week/and coming months after. They helped me in every way they could and they provide answers to all of my questions!

  36. Harold

    luxurious french bulldog puppy is wonderful! Very attentive and helpful in.

  37. Sewell

    This is the cutest puppy of their kind which you ever did see! They are raised with children and plays with them on a daily basis. This social butterfly will do well in any household and will surely steal your heart the moment you meet her.She is A K C registered, vet checked, vaccinated, wormed and comes with a 1 year genetic health guarantee.

  38. William Cho

    This Platform was created for potential caring pet owners to have a credible, safe place to find their fur-ever friend. Our passion is to have a working relationship with reputable breeders who not only raise healthy puppies but who are committed to giving adequate socialization which in return will help make the transition to your home a smooth one. To reach this goal, we offer incentive programs to our breeders who go above and beyond what the state laws require — breeders that provide extended health guarantees for their puppies and are open to continually look at implementing better breeding practices.

  39. Vincent Briggs

    At luxuriousfrenchbulldogsonline we value the health and well-being of all our puppies. Since we know that’s important to you too, we partnered with Pets Best, one of the most trusted pet insurance companies. For 5 years, we have encouraged Our fur-ever families to explore Pets Best as their go-to pet insurance provider to trust. Our customers have found them to be a trustworthy source where pet owners can purchase leading puppy/dog insurance.

  40. James Nielson

    Great Experience! We purchased two French Bulldogs and could not be more pleased! Everyone we worked with was so helpful and kind. I would definitely recommend them to any one who is considering adopting a puppy.luxurious french bulldog please vary nice and good working.

  41. Rafael Nugent

    I bought my little puppy in Hand, Pa. He is a sweetheart very relaxed and calm spirit. I registered him as an emotional support dog already. Thanks it is a great addition to my family.
    luxurious french bulldog is absolutely wonderful. Thank you sooo much.

  42. Werner Barnes

    I love that the website is very helpful but I agree with some rater and customer. luxurious french bulldog you have availed for sale.

  43. Fredericks

    Dom was very helpful and knowledgeable. She provided great customer service. I will definitely be back. 😊 this https://luxuriousfrenchbulldogsonline.com
    website is very nice.

  44. Kenneth

    There is a great selection of friendly and healthy pups. Hugo helped us out, friendly service and excellent care towards the dogs.

  45. Madrid

    It is a nice place to take care your pet, I am so grateful with the person who work here.
    We got a puppy here and luxurious french bulldog was very helthy and very attentive. adoption process was easy and fast.

  46. Erasmo

    I got my puppy from here & they made sure I had everything necessary & knew everything about my dog and the health of my dog. Jasmine worked hard & never forgot about the needs of us as customers. Would recommend for your pet needs👍🏽

  47. Sanchez

    luxurious french was very helpful with any questions we had selecting our puppy, he has vast knowledge of their dogs. They allow you to take the dogs out and play with them to help make sure your puppy is right for you!

  48. Jasper

    luxurious french bulldog was amazing! Loved all of the dogs. Such loving staff. very good french bulldog puppy. i love u.

  49. Tijerina

    Beautiful animals, but why not save the cash and adopt at a local shelter instead? We got our amazing dog at the https://luxuriousfrenchbulldogsonline.com
    He was already house trained and is perfect for my daughters.

    They do have a great toy selection there and the workers seem to love the pets, so buy your toys here and adopt if possible.

  50. James Barth

    This is the best place I’ve EVER been!!https://luxuriousfrenchbulldogsonline.com
    and everyone else is so kind and attentive and they have the cutest dog treats I’ve ever seen!!! I will def be coming back here for all my doggy’s needs!

  51. Jay Kelly

    Although we weren’t able to walk away with a puppy today, Ed was incredibly helpful in our journey to find a pet. He quickly broke down everything we needed to know, from what is included (when we purchase a puppy from Petland) all the way to the different financing options. Everything was very thorough and clear. He even helped us when the puppy we were visiting had an accident! Quick and friendly staff, if you’re looking for a puppy, Ed will help you step by step all the way!

  52. Jackson

    luxurious french bulldogs was great. She went over all payment options. The payment plans are easy. Love the service and I loved how I could interact with the animals and hold them.

  53. Evangeline

    reputable agency

  54. willam john

    Best puppy sales website for your loving fur babies

  55. Lola

    Very legit website . I love your dogs

  56. Lola

    Might have less than 24hrs actually

  57. Lola

    Oh you have more Cute puppies . You think I can buy more than one ?

  58. Lola

    Where are you from?Can you ship ?

  59. Lola

    Changing my words doesnt mean i wont find you

  60. Lola Ip address?

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