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    Includes a Leash, Collar, Toy, Chew Bones, 2 Cans of Wet food, Brush, Puppy Blanket.
    Includes Wire Training Kennel w/ divider, Puppy bed, Leash, Collar, Blanket, Puppy Shampoo, 2 Non slip stainless bowls, brush, 2 Cans of wet food, squeaker toy, 2 chew bones.
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BREED:  French Bulldog
Gender Male
AGE: 11 weeks
LIFE: 9-12 years
PEDIGREE: AKC registered

AKC Registered, 1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee, Shots Up To Date With Complete Health Papers
Age: 10 WEEKS
Description: He is an outstanding Frenchie. He is super adorable and loves cuddling up. Get your hands on this amazing guy before its too late. He has so much cuteness in him. He has quite the little personality and you cannot help but smile at all the goofy things he does. make this adorable baby all yours before its too late!


10 reviews for Chomper – AKC French Bulldog

  1. Leonard

    Amazing service! Very knowledgeable and helpful. All of the puppies were very adorable. We are so happy that we found our new puppy here.

  2. Barbara

    Great place. I had been following them on luxurious french bulldog puppy for a couple of weeks. The puppies are well cared for, super friendly staff and we have a new puppy at home. Super easy process to purchase a new family member. Thanks luxurious french bulldog puppy. Puppy you guys are great!!!

  3. Stewart

    luxurious french bulldog was awesome. She was knowledgeable and made the whole process really easy. Everyone there is so nice and we love our new pup.

  4. Mary Workman

    Great place to get a new member of your family. luxurious french bulldog puppy.

  5. Mary Long

    Amazing staff! luxurious french puppy was the best! She helped me get my dream dog and a financial budget that worked for me. She made this such a wonderful experience! Definitely recommend this place and make sure to ask for her

  6. Blankenship

    Only puppies of all breeds. Great place to find a puppy. Prices vary from affordable to hefty. It’s all in what you are willing and/or are able to pay. There are so many adorable puppies.

  7. Theresa

    Amazing pet website. I worked here for a few months and love it, this was an awesome experience and would recommend this place to anyone.

  8. Cajigas

    Very friendly staff! Really helpful finding the perfect dog for you😊

  9. Eleanor

    I have purchased a beautiful female luxurious french bulldog puppy and could be happier. Friendly staff, willing to work with you and meet your needs as a future owner.

  10. Brenda Leonard

    The puppies were all in great shape, soft fur, shiny noses, and well-adjusted. Danielle worked with us to find the perfect dog at a good price. During my first visit, I fell in love with a Basset girl but wasn’t willing to commit to the price. When she was still here a few weeks later, I couldn’t resist coming back for her. The staff is all knowledgeable about the dogs and the puppies are obviously well-cared for.

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